A beginning…


I love the elegance of the jewelry made popular in the babywearing community by Lullaby Links (and Mayim Bialik).  Simple shapes, clean forms, jingling and easy to grasp for little fingers.  Pairs gorgeously with carriers (wraps especially) and gives you more eye candy to take in when you look at babywearing selfies.  A couple months ago, a friend of mine explained that such jewelry was fairly prevalent as educational projects in jewelry making classes and that the tools to get started, while somewhat costly, aren’t impossible.

I need a creative outlet.  I’ve been enjoying the geekery of wraps, and then eventually handwoven wraps, and sharing in the design of them with weavers (sometimes the whole concept, sometimes with an inspiration picture, sometimes with my weft choice).  But I’ve come to the point where I love my stash so much that it’s hard to let go of old ones to make room for new ones.  I also really, really enjoy testing and hope to do it my whole babywearing journey but 1) need to catch up on my reviews and 2) need to slow new testers down so it feels less like a job (that I pay for in postage).

Jewelry seems reasonable with barriers to entry I could overcome.  Silversmithing has terminology and techniques to learn and explore. It seems to be a beautiful blend of art and science, which is my favorite kind of craft (much like, say, programming).  I bought a couple of books for the Kindle and bought a handful of Craftsy lessons.

I’ll be back to review those resources once I’ve devoured them.


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