A day in the life (almost a year ago)….

Remember those half posts I mentioned on my Facebook Page, Xynetha Creates? Here’s one I wrote last year, then updated a few months later. I’ll write another one tomorrow about how things have changed for me.

From June 2014 (updated Sept 2014)

I’ve been babywearing since my daughter was about a month old.  I had an Ergo and a Moby on my registry.  Fast foward to now and my child is eighten months old and I’ve owned seventy carriers (don’t own many of them any more!) and tried a few dozen others from friends or as a tester.

My journey has been fun and each month is different than the prior month.  Whether because I am using different carriers, I learned different carries, my child hits a weight limit, sleep milestone, or development milestone that demanded a change, or something new clicks with an old carry. Throughout it all, I’ve used babywearing as a parenting tool.

Until just a few weeks ago, I was wrap napping her.  So, I’ve been wearing her for her naps since she was just out of the newborn phrase and actually napped three times a day (and slept in the bed with me at night). My body couldn’t take two to three hours of dead weight and bouncing on a ball any more, though a lot of my journey was searching for supportive wraps. I would occasionally use a visiting wrap for naps and my body didn’t recover from a couple consecutive non-toddler worthy wraps. We are sleep training her now and have given up the concept of her sleeping in her crib.

I have always worn my baby for walks or errands. We used a stroller before I learned how to babywear and haven’t used one since. A little aside-I do plan to use one to incorporate more exercise into my routine; I don’t think I can walk two miles each way in the summer while babywearing a 30lb toddler…. yet. I want to build myself up to it, though. Back on topic!  We don’t use a cart at the store.  Now that she’s a toddler, I often bring a shorty and pre-tie a “poppable” hip carry while I chase her around the playground or to be ready to contain her when I let her walk around.  I do rucks when I need to travel fast and/or don’t plan on letting her walk.

If she’s tired and not playing nicely, I put her up.  If it’s a little before her bedtime and I want to mellow her out and do some housework, I put her up.  I often get a rebozo or “poppable” hip carry ready in the car so I can be hands-free from the parking garage to our unit; she often doesn’t want to walk on the way up, even though she walked to the car.

I’ve used soft structured carriers (SSC) and we’ve owned a few.  These are what my husband uses, exclusively.  It’s also nice to give the personal trainer something to use–he often wears her while he trains us.  I used ring slings throughout my journey but have recently sold all but a newborn one since I don’t like them with my toddler.  I also had a wcmt for the longest time but couldn’t justify the cost of keeping one around when I never use them.  They have become to be too much structure for me and not enough structure for my husband, so they sit unused.

I have wraps of every size, though my favorite is a long size 3.  I can also do a lot with a size 4.  Since I’m not wearing for hours on end any more, long wraps aren’t as important for me.  I do have second child on the way, though, and therefore have a few in my stash.  Very infrequently before bed, when I want to do housework and mellow out my toddler, I will use a long wrap in a double hammock carry.

Photo by Simply Baby Photography


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