A day in the life….

I believe my very first carry was accomplished in November 2012.  It’s been two and a half years.  While I’ve learned a lot about the kind of parent I am and the kind of parent I strive to be, I have also learned about myself, as a woman, as an individual.

There are interests I’ve had to table.  There’s no programming or developing, no gaming, no geeking over gadgets, no cross stitching, no playing with new software and apps.  I know I’ll have time for them some day.

Being part of the babywearing community has led me to other interests and self discovery.  I take a lot of selfies and stills.  They started pretty bad.  They still aren’t great but I’ve made an effort to evolve my photography.  I have a new appreciation for textiles and handmade things.  I like to buy custom-made items and patronize companies of work-at-home moms. And I’ve always had an appreciation for simple metal jewelry, with perhaps a gemstone here and there, but now a whole new world of jewelry possibilities are filling my head.


Babywearing wise, I was exclusively using wraps (though I tried other carriers and always churned them) until a month ago.  I wear my baby a lot.  If I need to carry my toddler, it’s most comfortable to tandem wear with two wraps with my toddler in a DH (double hammock) but it’s not practical.  I hardly wear her for that long, so I need an easy way to let her up and down without taking my baby down.  I also need my baby to have access to my breasts.  So, sadly, lots of toddler wearing is no longer feasible and she’s become less tolerant and compliant.  She does comply to being worn in an SSC and will climb on my back.

My baby is worn in short or mid length wraps, usually anywhere from five minutes to half an hour when we are at home (depending on how long it takes to put her to sleep).  I wear her the whole time we are out.  She will be ready for back carries in a month or two and I’m curious how our routine will change or if it even will.

Mountain Girl Handwovens So Grand
Not a great picture, but you can see I’m trying way harder.

I do love my handwoven wrap stash.  Each one was custom made for me and they are so special.  The specialness of my stash has perfectly coincided with the arrival of my baby and a huge increase in wearing.  I’m enjoying it immensely.

In my opinion, the most amazing thing about babywearing and parenting is the community. It’s a way to connect with other parents and the friendships I’ve gained has made a lasting impact. Before I had children, I had no idea how much becoming a parent was like joining a club; just knowing you’re also a parent (or becoming one) lends a sense of camaraderie.  We just try to help each other out. It takes experiencing how hard it is and how much it transforms your life to understand how someone who may have never asked for help from strangers before would seek it now and to want to help ease the trial and error process of parenting for someone else by offering to help when asked.


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