I likey the wraps.
I likey the wraps.

I’ve tried some wraps. It is incredibly fun. Though it is not necessary, it is possible to experiment with wraps and carries in your babywearing journey, and have a blast doing it. The combination of natural fibers, densities, weights, wrapping qualities, colors, and designs are pretty much endless. I’ve spent a lot on postage to try these wraps. I want to stop but I can’t! Not when I’m on my last baby and the timer has started.

I plan on reviewing wraps I’ve tried and silver jewelry I’ve handled. Jewelry is straight forward… I probably just need to take good comparison pictures. But wraps are a completely different sort of beast.

First, I’ve mostly used handwoven wraps for the last year. There are many reasons for this; from the artistry and custom nature of them to the stretch, support, and breathability in combinations that I’ve gotten used to and don’t see in the machine woven wraps I’ve tried.

Second, reviews are tough because use of a wrap doesn’t happen in a vacuum. My kids age and get heavier or taller, they may be more compliant some days than others, I may feel more tired or energetic and my wrapping skills evolve. Wraps that didn’t work for me a year and a half ago may work now. I have preferences that also evolve. The time I have with a wrap differs, too. Through experience, I know better what to ask and how to set expectations when I’m asked to test.

So the big question is, how do I make reviews useful to you? What you’re looking for in a review will vary. If you’re just starting out and you fall in love with a wrap, you may be looking for validation (this was definitely me). Maybe you’re more experienced and can wade through the terminology and interpret and apply descriptions of wrapping qualities to your own preferences. Maybe you have tried enough of what I’ve tried to apply the proper filter to know which wraps would work for you base off my reviews.

In my reviews, I strive to provide information on the variables of a wrap and how it worked for me. To get the most out of my review, you will need to piece those variables into a whole picture. For example, I want to show you knot shots, how it lays on the shoulder, how much light comes through the wrap, its density in gsm, the tags and hems and other finishing details, how it molds in a chest pass, how it goes through a slipknot, how hard I had to pull to make a secure know, what carries I found most comfortable, the craftsmanship of the piece, etc etc. I think it takes all these details to piece together where a wrap would fall in your own bell curve of preferences. So my reviews will be lengthy. They will be detailed, contain limited flowery prose and the pictures will be as important for geekery as the text.

I hope they are useful or at least fun reading for someone!

Also, my phone camera was all I had until this year… And my photography skills are evolving along with everything else. I’m sorry if I only have horrible pictures and know I’m working on getting better!


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