Review: Golden Thread Mistress Isteri

Isteri came to visit in March.  It is an all EC (Egyptian cotton) warp, woven in plainweave. This particular Isteri is the chocolate ec cottolin version. I measured it STIH, post wash, as 4m long, 72.5cm wide and I calculated 294 GSM.

Marcia didn’t ask me to review, she just sent it cause she knows I’m a fan and this was her personal wrap. I didn’t take pictures of the tags and other geekery so this review won’t be as detailed as normal.  But I used it hard, every day and several times a day, as the arrival of my second baby has increased my wearing significantly. When it first got here, I didn’t remember the details about it.  When I looked it over, I guessed it was cottolin–it had the slightly nubby look of cottolin but it wasn’t nearly as nubby as I often see from cottolin. When I say “nubby”, I mean a little bit of thickening in the yarn, a little bit of fibers escaping from the plainweave, not in a hairy way, but just in the nature of linen.  This almost looked and felt like all cotton, except that I could see enough of a nubby characteristic, regularly but infrequently, that I assumed it was cottolin.  The grad is so smooth from color to color; I’m so impressed with Marcia’s gradations.  Her middle markers are the characteristic “Right About Here” that we can expect from Golden Thread Mistress.  The hems are perfect, though her care tag had some threads escaping from the stitches and needed a touch up.

294 GSM with all EC feels a little bit more like 270ish GSM in an all cotton Maurice Brassard wrap.  It wasn’t thin but it also wasn’t heavy or dense.  It was right smack in my sweet spot, immediately moldable with a dense and somewhat smooth/silky/cool feel to the fabric.  It was versatile, meaning I felt it would successfully work in any carry, from ruck to multiple passes, carries with slipknots or double knot. It worked easily in a slipknot or a double knot, was easy to adjust and lay flat on the shoulders, had a nice stretch and give that allowed me to tighten the top rail significantly more than the rest of the wrap, as my baby was still quite floppy at the time.  When I made a seat, it went between us and her little legs easily without feeling thick or unwieldy. It felt amazing with my baby in terms of support.  Please click on the photo gallery and come to your own conclusions, though!  That’s what the pictures are for.

Jewelry Aside:  The necklace I was wearing was my Sundown Bead Designs chain, Lullaby Links Infinity Charm, circle clasp, wedding ring, and Sundown Bead Designs D20 charm.

I put my toddler up in a ruck for a tandem when I got it, but it was perhaps the second time I tried a tandem with them and I did it horribly.  The tension was all wrong and it totally dug in my shoulders.  That said, from my experience with similar wraps, I think I could have gotten a perfect ruck with her.  Honestly, I could see this particular wrap, with its length a perfect 4m for us, taking us from squish to toddler all on its own.

I’ve tried a few other GTMs.  Painted Sunset, an older all EC wrap came to visit and it was what gave me the GTM bug.  Heck, it was what opened my eyes to something more luxurious than Maurice Brassard (MB) cotton, which is fantastic on its own and a staple in the babywearing handwoven community.  I often liken Egyptian cotton to MB cotton that has been broken in… but it’s like that right after the first wash.

I tried Citrus Brights, which lived here shortly.  It was wide, with beautiful bright colors, though not the typical gradation that Marcia does now.  It was an MB warp and a cottolin weft, densely woven (around 290ish GSM).  It worked wonderfully with my first child, who was around a year old, 25lbs and napped on my back twice a day for a couple hours a day.  (Thank goodness that’s behind us).  But it isn’t EC nor my colors, so it moved on.

The other GTM I’ve tried was the gorgeous Hope and Peace, a more recent gradation and a colorway after my house heart.  It was the superwash wool weft, 4m and 288 GSM, stretchy but supportive in a ruck.  Not at all diggy, though the wool felt prickly on my bare skin when I wore a tank top when I used it.  It is one of the few wool wraps I’ve tried, since I live in Hawaii, but its softness and stretch (along with a delicious Linuschka Tulpia with silk and cashmere) led me to giving superwash wool a try for one of my semi-customs.  That is Rhockett Weaving Mistfit Rainbow and one of my favorite wraps in my stash and one of the first of my own stash I’ll review once I work through my current backlog.

If I know the weaver, I normally like to share a little bit about her (or him) cause this community is so small and the options are so many. I love supporting weavers as people and artists when I can, rather than just buying based on the end product alone. Marcia, who IS Golden Thread Mistress, is the bees knees. She is a founding co-admin of Loom to Wrap, so I’ve gotten to know her well. She donates her time to the community and has since her first child. She is an active member of the community, often answering (and asking) questions and she is active in her locale as a babywearing educator. She’s also hilarious and fun to talk to. She weaves as a hobby, and has been weaving since 2013. If you are a member of Loom to Wrap, learn more about Marcia and GTM through her Weaver Wednesday interview!

A little birdie told me that we can expect a re-weave of Hope & Peace! Follow her Facebook Page,, and join her chatter group, Golden Thread Mistress Fans, for updates!


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