Mamamokum Handwoven Spring Bling

The Mamamokum Handwoven tester, Spring Bling, is a wrap with a cotton warp and a mercerised Egyptian cotton, 16/2, broken/pointed twill weft.  I don’t know if there’s a technical name for the twill–Sadie calls it broken twill but it looks like a fancier point to me.  It is 4.2 meters (soft tape in hand) and 74 centimeters wide (flat on my ironing board) with a GSM of 277.  What is interesting is that Sadie named each wrap slightly different–they all have “Bling” in their names.  Cinder’s Bling was Sadie’s Spring 2014 Competition of Weavers entry.

Spring Bling came to visit me while I was pregnant and I got to wear it with my toddler.  I remember when I first got it, I thought it was thinner than I was used to.  Now that I’ve been wearing a squish (though she transitioned into a wiggly baby just recently), I found that it was thicker than I was used to.  On both occasions, it performed the carries that I was currently doing magnificently.  With my toddler who was just a smidgen over two years old and weighed around 29lbs, we did DH torso with the tails tied under the bum or we did ruck.  We went on walks around town and didn’t do ruck for very long, maybe 30 minutes to an hour (she was an active toddler even then) but it served us very well.  From the pictures, it looks like I preferred ruck with it, which makes sense because it was so wide.  It’s soft and has enough give that I wouldn’t ruck with it for a hike, but for every day errands with a toddler, it was perfect.

Fast forward six months and I have a four month old, 14lb baby to wrap!  It’s moldable, so while it is wider than I am used to, that extra seat/fabric isn’t bulky at all around her legs and it’s welcome cushion on the shoulders.  The mercerised ec weft gives it a nice slide that allows me to get the passes into place even around my tiny, fragile baby.  The baby and I live in slipknots 75% of the time and it’s a dream in a slipknot carry. I do take the extra time to lock the knot tight when I’m done with the big adjustments–it’s perhaps more grippy than glidey but it’s not a grippy wrap.  I do wear my baby for up to two hours, depending on how long it takes to get her to fall asleep or how long our walk around town was (we still do that, except now I don’t wear my toddler cause baby be there), and Spring Bling was definitely supportive for those endeavors while being airy and breathable to use in this crazy heat.

Action shot
Action shot and toes!

In hand, Spring Bling has a nice, substantial weight to it while not being heavy or blanket-like.  It has a smooth, dense feel but there’s a slight texture to it.  When I wrapped, there was a little bit of grip to it.  The weft can be a little delicate; I was nervous about doing a back carry with it with a chip in my nail (though I’m always nervous about chips and usually keep my nails short just for my precious wraps).  I fixed less than five pulls when it got to me after six months of travels, though, and none of them were substantial.  I’ve tried a lot of twill–from twills that feel like plainweaves to twill that had a lot of texture or feels blanket-like.  This felt like a lighter twill; not plainweave but not far from it.  On my shoulders, it felt flat, not diggy, and cushy–I don’t normally see flat and cushy on the shoulders together, but I think the width had something to do with this.

The weaving is great; this was Sadie’s second warp and when I ironed it, I could hunt out about a handful of skips here and there.  There are several weft changes on either side, including one band with sparkle thread.  This makes it asymmetrical but I found I loved it with my slipknots–it made it easy for me to judge where I wanted to start the slipknot and made the whole thing look more interesting.  Sadie mentioned other testers some day, as she says her weaving has improved even more since Spring Bling.  Her attention to detail is incredible.  Her hems are still perfect.  Her tags are beautiful and have weathered six months of testing and travels with only a stray fiber or two out of place on the tag in the tail.  Sadie wove the fabric for the tag and hand-stamped it.  Many weavers start out with plainweave but Sadie starts with a fancy twill–and her twills have only gotten *fancier*.  The craftsmanship for the whole piece is a beautiful example of care for the details and finishing.

When I first saw Spring Bling on the loom, I was impressed.  It was so classically feminine.  Additional warps have revealed that classically feminine, classy and sophisticated are part of Sadie’s signature.  There are gorgeous girlie wraps out there that match my baby and toddler, and their cuteness, so well.  Mamamokum does feminine beauty that matches me (or at least, what I would strive to be if I had time!).  And it’s not just the colorways, though it does provide the foundation for her signature.  The mercerised ec and sparkle yarn promises us a soft, floppy, and moldable wrap while adding an aspect to the warp akin to how shimmery eye shadow enhances the eyes.  Her twill drafts add density to increase support and add dimension to her overall craft that makes you wonder what other surprises she could have in store for us.  She is experimenting with soft and strong fibers like pima cotton and lyocell (tencel).  All in all, I stalk her Facebook page (Mamamokum Handwoven) and group (Mamamokum Chatter) like a hawk hunting prey!

Obiligatory S fold
Obiligatory S fold. Don’t forget to click on the pictures to bring up full screen! Same with the tiles at the top, it will bring up a slideshow.
Let’s be straight up–I love Sadie.  She’s a founding co-admin of Loom to Wrap and before that, she was an admin of Oscha Slings.  She’s devoted a lot of time to the community through these and other endeavors.  I have spent the last year and a half talking to her almost daily.  She has an amazing attention to detail, a beautiful way with words, and is thoughtful and intelligent.  She often brings up big-picture consequences.  She put a lot of time and thought into her business–learning how to weave, researching, and starting her business.  She speaks of weaving and her company with pure joy; it’s obvious she loves what she’s doing.  I greatly enjoy following her to see what else she has in store!

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