Coming back!… with a new hobby!

When my second child was born, I got to enjoy my babywearing stash.  The market had changed and I didn’t feel the desire to churn any more.  Since the desire to try out baby wraps had died down in me, I needed a new hobby.  I read about jewelry making–and I still want to do this some day but it doesn’t seem like something I felt like I could manage with young children.  I did card making for a while, and LOVED IT.  Except that I moved to a new house and couldn’t find time to run my household and also craft in a way that was meaningful.

My new house has a gorgeous view, though.  For a little while, I was taking pictures of my wraps, my loves, and my view, but even that wasn’t fulfilling.


I found myself cooking a lot more.  I joined a fitness group and found another mom who  loved to cook, but was looking for ways to cook less but eat well.  We started a meal prep group together, in December.  Together, we are building a community and we’ve hosted six meal prep parties since.  I’m excited to say that we have enough experience to finally write down some content that should be helpful so that others can run their own meal prep parties and enjoy the benefits of meal prep (which deserves its own post).

Thanks for finding me and being here!  I’m excited to provide some useful content because meal prep is aaaammaazzzing!  Watch this page for the benefits of meal prep, tips and tricks on menu planning, shopping, and bulk prep.  I will also be publishing menus and their shopping lists after every meal prep party!


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