Second round of Whole30 prep

I completed my first round in April 2017 and had great results! I’m currently in the middle of my second round, though this time I’m going for 60 days.

I split all the meals two to four times so I would only have lunch left overs (that tends to be the most effective way to ensure left overs are eaten). I love to cook but I made sure to prep a ton of food for myself and my family so I could take a break and cook from frozen when I need to.

These recipes (listed below) are all represented here in the photos. Some of them are repeated. It was the work of about three meal prep parties.  Two parties where we made 8 meals, one where we made 10.  The pictures with the counter full of food hold 10 meals for six families.  The four containers/frozen food shows my own prep plus the two meal prep parties of 8 meals each and some left overs from last round.  There are a few other recipes represented but they aren’t as liked by the group at large (or myself) and so I didn’t post it.

I also have soups, roasted veggies, riced cauliflower, carrots for sous vide, homemade Italian and breakfast sausage (ground pork plus ground pork belly and spices) and a couple stews that aren’t in the list, that I made on my own.

As I continue my journey, I’ll be working on collecting photos and writing reheat/cooking tips/instructions for each dish.  I plan on publishing each recipe with the modifications we use for bulk meal prep and making the recipes available in the software apps we use (MealBoard and Copy Me That).  It’s a work in progress and I don’t want to post anything that hasn’t been tested.  But it’s future content for this site.



Ground beef



All Meats:


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