Whole30 Recipes for Spaghetti Squash

I think spaghetti squash is my favorite vegetable when on a Whole30 round.  It’s so versatile; it helps give casseroles structure, it holds sauce well, it can even be made into an omlette type wrap (not compliant, but useful for containing tacos for your loved ones when you don’t have any tortillas in the house).

This recipe round up is dedicated to you, spaghetti squash!

First off, perfect spaghetti squash with your Instant Pot:

I like to do six to ten pounds at once, wring them out with a large potato ricer, and stick them in a jar for the next few days.  I make sure I have all the ingredients for different casseroles first, prep the spaghetti squash, then put the casseroles together and freeze in the following days.

This picture shows the little “tortilla” I made for my husband–it had the consistency of a thin omlette.  I added the seasoning I used for the meat (in this case, taco) and an egg.  He said it was rather tasty.

2017-07-08 17.14.10

You can use it with your favorite sauces, meat/marinara.  In addition, here’s an “alfredo” made with cauliflower.  I added garlic confit (roasted garlic) and lemon to mine.

Next are the casseroles.

This one is a huge hit with our meal prep parties.  We use hot sauce by the gallon!

The next ones I’ve done for myself, and frozen, but we haven’t done it at any meal prep parties yet.  So they’re not included in the previous post of 14 Whole30 recipes.  But they are in my freezer!




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