Explorations into Dehydration


In a local BST group, a dehydrator came up for $10.  At that price, I couldn’t pass it up.  I took it home and dehydrated coconut meat with it for when I make my own coconut milk (which is mostly an economical practice.  I like to make coconut milk for my coffee, since I brew coffee concentrate).  Powdering dehydrated coconut meat gives you…coconut flour.  Do you know how expensive coconut flour is???  Not to mention coconut milk.  This alone paid for the dehydrator.

I learned I could dehydrate broth.  I discuss the process here: https://www.facebook.com/Xynethacreates/posts/1174702422675478

I love freezing things, but I run out of space (and my garage freezer is huge). Dehydrating broth opened up so much room in my freezer–two shelves, I think. I want to store full meals or bare protein in there; maybe some ingredients here or there that can’t be dehydrated (or don’t rehydrate well). But if I can dehydrate the ingredients and store them in my pantry, that would be way better than the freezer.

I also like to buy certain vegetables to have on hand for a recipe, but I don’t use them in my normal cooking.  They often end up forgotten and rot in my fridge.  I’m hoping having some dehydrated will mean more recipes are available to me as I discover them, rather than having to shop for them specifically.  There are also items I like to buy in bulk from Costco cause I like to have it on hand all the time, but they go bad before I can finish it (like spinach).

I joined a dehydrating group called “Dehydrating Divas & Dudes” and have been learning stuff daily in that group.  One day, someone posted that the Excalibur economy* was on sale for $100.  I had been staring longly at the other Excalibur models, all over $200, so even though this one didn’t have bells & whistles, I scooped it up.  I knew that having a thermometer was essential if you wanted to get serious about dehydrating.  I learned that lower temperatures will preserve more nutrients.

I started using it over the weekend and there’s no stopping me!  I’ll be sharing recipes and results in the following posts.  But man, this unit is sooooo much better than my previous $10 buy!

Here’s my YouTube playlist with two classes (one is a 10-part class, the other is a 4-part class) to introduce dehydrating.

Aside from “Dehydrating Divas & Dudes”, I’ve been exploring dehydrating through Exaclibur (the dehydrator came with a booklet) and a website called “21st Century, Simple Living” which closed recently due to maintenance costs.  The creator is instead going to make an eBook, which I will definitely share on my Facebook Page when it’s available.  There’s also the National Center for Home Food Preservation and Virgina Tech.  There are a lot of blogs, you know, the kind with pop ups and newsletters, and some less annoying that just sell classes.  I think I’ll save a blog round up for later, when I have a chance to collect some favorites.  One of the reasons I liked “21st Century, Simple Living” was cause it wasn’t trying to sell something.

This is a nice segue into my * from earlier.  I don’t have affiliate links.  I did make that link to Amazon use the “smile” preface, in case you support a charity.  My goal here isn’t to create a huge blog following.  I’m just passionate about meal prep party planning and a lot of other things and I want to share my experiences.  I enjoy learning, experimenting, failing, and succeeding.  It doesn’t matter what topic it is.  I hope this blog will some day cover gardening, woodwork, jewelry making, and 3D printing, as well as cardmaking/papercrafting.  But at the end of the day, I’m a programmer and that’s how I want to make my money.  Maybe some day, I will develop and post apps that you find useful, and I will be successful due to my efforts in maintaining this blog and my Facebook page.    But until that day, know I’m not trying to sell you something.  This is a free WordPress site, so WordPress may display ads.  I hope they’re not annoying and intrusive.  If they are, let me know and I’ll move my content.


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