Aloha.  I’m a geek.  I’ve played (read: have been addicted to) MMORPGs on and off for over a decade.  I have a bachelor’s of science in computer science.  After college, I worked at a college as a web developer for special projects and a technology trainer for the faculty.  I casually attempted a double master’s in business (one general, one computer industry specific) while trying to conceive and am currently, and happily, a stay at home mom.

Being a geek, and one that can’t raid any more (what, my kid can’t give mommy and daddy a three-hour break three times a week?!?), I have found a new outlets for my geekerybabywearing, photography and jewelry making!  From how to use it as a parenting tool, experimenting with different types of carriers and ways to use them, and collecting handwovens as a hobby, the geek in me couldn’t be happier!  I volunteer my time as a volunteer babywearing educator (VBE) and educate caregivers on the safe and practical uses of babywearing through Babywearing International Oʻahu (we have a public Facebook page, a blog, and a closed community Facebook group).  I also help administrate a specialized Facebook group called Loom to Wrapa Facebook community for collectors (or soon-to-be collectors) of handwoven wraps. There are many other small communities on Facebook where I participate.

Jewelry has recently been pairing with baby carriers with great success.  I’ve decided to look into it as a creative outlet and this blog and my Facebook Page, Xynetha Creates, will chronicle my journey.  I may also talk about wraps, testing wraps, and other babywearing topics.

I know this blog won’t be for everyone!  I’m a geek and I tend to revel in the details.  I hope you find this blog enjoyable and informative!

Disclaimer: I’m a stay-at-home-mom to an active toddler and a newborn, not a glamor model. Though I’m both vain and proud, I’ve decided to just accept that my day-to-day doesn’t involved make-up, clothes that didn’t have my children throw or spread onto it something I wouldd rather keep on a plate or container (or baby), and my hair often lacks proper attention.

Geek, you say? I love MMORPGs, mostly the fantasy type.  No, I haven’t played World of Warcraft.  I started with EverQuest and in EverQuest, if you died, you lost experience and your corpse with all your gear (until you retreived your corpse).  We are (were) hardcore like that.  We raided in Star Wars: The Old Republic for two years (and until around nine months after my baby was born).  I like reading fantasy and science fiction (actually, I prefer listening to them), among other genres.  Firefly is the best show ever.  At some point, our kid will be old enough to let us pick game night back up.  We miss playing D&D a lot.  My latest hobby is photography.  I’d love to get back into web development professionally.  Until then, my family, playgroups, hiking, taking better photos of all of us, contributing to the babywearing community and this blog are where all my time goes.


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