Babywearing Resources

There are so many babywearing resources out there!  Not all are created equal.  Since this is my blog and I want to be able to give someone who walks up to me a way to get into it without asking them to write down ten different websites, I’ve decided to compile my favorite resources here.  I hope to contribute to the community in a meaningful and useful way through this blog, but even if I don’t reach as many as I would like, I want this page to at least steer folks in the right direction.

Local help

For those local to me, in the beautiful state of Hawaiʻi, your local babywearing chapter is Babywearing International of Oʻahu. There is a Facebook group (private) and a blog (though not well maintained).  Our private group also has a local for-sale-or-trade (FSOT).  It’s really the first stop for anyone local; you have access to over a dozen volunteer babywearing educators, myself included, not to mention a whole community!

For those unfortunate souls not living in Hawaiʻi, Babywearing International has a chapter list with links to each chapter’s Facebook page or blog.  You can contact the regional director if you’re interested in starting your own chapter or are wondering if another chapter near you is in the works.

Online communities

There are many online communities with valuable information! Babywearing International has a beginner page that answers the question, “What is Babywearing?” and a great place to start. is a well-established community with articles and forums that start in 2008!  It’s got great information, in fact, a TON of information but you do need to create an account and wait for approval. The Babycenter Community has a Babywearing group and this is where I started on my journey!  You can find some of my early struggles and epiphanies under the username “xynetha”.  I left the community once I got more into the Facebook groups, though.

Facebook communities

Babywearing 102, Everyday Babywearing and Babywearing Love and Support address questions for people who are just getting into babywearing.  Wrapper’s Delight is a community for people past the beginners stage and who’s interested in wrapping with woven wraps, but it’s a secret group so you need someone who is already in it to invite you.

Other resources

Wearing Wiki is a lovely wiki that has some great geekery and carry recipes!  There’s a Facebook page for it, as well.  Woven Wraps Database has some info on a large range of wrap companies, though it hasn’t been updated since the first quarter of 2014 (still, lots of good info there).

YouTube has a ton of videos; some good, some not-so-good.  My favorite educators are Babywearing Faith (hey, she even has a Facebook page), Wrapping Rachel, Tanya Tougas, and Denim mei tai.  Recommended blog is Wrap You In Love.

I’ll be editing this page as I discover more resources.  If you find broken links, comment or contact me and let me know!


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